Friday, November 13, 2009

Fabulous Fitness Fridays, Tip #8

Put down the fuuuulipping leaf blower and pick up a fuc*ing rake.

You do not need to use gas to blow the leaves off your tiny ass front yard. Mother Nature is CRYING people, while you’re all getting fatter! It doesn’t take THAT much longer to rake, plus you actually get EXERCISE doing it (I know, the horror!) and you don’t make all the neighborhood dogs go crazy. Bonus!

(And P.S. – if you choose to use a leaf blower? Don’t choose to do so at 7am on a Saturday morning. ‘Cause if you wake up the Energizer Bunny? You’re watching him until I get up. And I’m sleep deprived, so when I sleep in…I sleep IN.)


  1. Oh see now I finally make my way out of my hell to read a blog and I get more liberal shit.

    I don't rake or blow my leaves...I let them blow into your yard

    You're welcome

  2. I love raking leaves. It is the ONLY outdoor chore I will ever agree to do because, well, any chore that includes picking up feces with a shovel is not for me.

    I don't know about the fitness thing though. I am still carrying around a few extra baby pounds.

    Maybe I need a new rake?

  3. I'm going to keep trying to post as liberal-y as I can (and, this should not be confused with liberally...not that I won't be doing that either) just so I can get my Friday crack-up from Chief.

    And perhaps you should look into a new rake, multi-taking Momma, buy a really crappy old 15lb one and maybe you'll have more luck! =)