Wednesday, November 25, 2009

20 Things I'm Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Twenty things I’m thankful for this Thanksgiving –

1. The Energizer Bunny for being the most perfect, most beautiful child ever, and the only thing capable of making Mommy sound like a total sap.

2. The energy to keep up with the Energizer Bunny…or at least if not “keep up,” not keel over as he runs me ragged day after day.

3. The Unsupportive Louse’s never-ending support.

4. The Walking Guilt Trip’s multiple guilt trips. I’m not sure if I could cope with a let-down without a guilt trip added on top.

5. The Mooch and the rent that I actually got from him this month, allowing us to actually eat turkey on Thanksgiving day and not some ground turkey I had to press into the shape of a turkey to make myself believe I could afford a real turkey.

6. The Princess’s best friend’s family who are keeping her from being lonely and deserted on Thanksgiving.

7. The PILLs who are sure to keep the Energizer Bunny alive if we are ever incapable of doing so ourselves (financially or otherwise).

8. The many friends I have who keep leaving me to move on to bigger and better people, places or things. No, I’m not bitter. Thankful is the word you’re looking for. Really.

9. The house I absolutely love in the neighborhood I used to go out of my way to run through because it’s so beautiful and I was so jealous of everyone lucky enough to live here.

10. The terrible economy for causing some poor couple to have to short sell their house, thus allowing me to live in a beautiful house in a perfect neighborhood and no longer be jealous of every one here.

11. The thousands of squirrels still managing to burrow into our house with new holes practically every day, reminding me that if I am ever truly too broke to buy food, I can always just kill one of them.

12. The job I still have that keeps me from having to eat squirrel on a daily basis.

13. The boss at the job I still have for being an all-around good guy. And not being sucked in by the other boss I have who is just really not an all-around good guy.

14. The President for believing that science is in fact…a science…and not decreasing the budget for said science, hence allowing my position to still exist, hence keeping me in a job, and possibly curing your mother’s/aunt’s/cousins/great-uncle’s neighbor’s multiple sclerosis. In 87 years. When they’ve already been dead for 62. But your niece’s step-cousin’s goddaughter’s son will care.

15. Facebook for allowing me to occasionally avoid real work while at the job I still have, but managing to make it look like I’m working in case either boss stops by, AND keeping me in touch with all the friends who have left me for more “important” things like school, jobs, family. More important than me? Really?

16. The wonderful mass transit system in Ann Arbor which keeps us from having to buy parking at the University, which would be sure to put us in the poorhouse within a month., and from slowly destroying the earth one smoke fume at a time.

17. The Engine of Chaos and Destruction (as the Unsupportive Louse loves to call our dog) for not destroying too many things or eating too much food from the counters, my backpack, my lunch bag, the diaper bag, or the pantry this year. And only eating one cup of butter at a time because I can’t imagine the smell the puke would have made if you’d eaten all four sticks from the counter.

18. Krista, the bitchy female cop who my first husband slept with, for sleeping with him, so that I could divorce him and move off of that god-awful Long Island and meet the fantastic new man that is the Unsupportive Louse and thus live this fantastic life.

19. My writing critique group, for keeping me from sounding like a total dumbass every day of the year. Well, in my writing anyway.

20. The massive sarcasm and wit I’m gifted with. (It’s a gift, I swear it.)


  1. you are such a positive inspiration to me? ~wipes tear

  2. Know what is entirely creepy? I'm working on a list, too...and the crit group is #19 on mine. Isn't that ridiculous??

    Great list! :)

  3. did I forget to be thankful for my fantastic blog-readers?? ESPECIALLY the ones who follow me and comment all the time? Damn it! Consider it #0.5 =)

  4. Awww.... this is wonderful...!!! And it made me laugh out loud. You do indeed have a lot to be thankful for.

    Always, always, always keep No. 20. You do indeed have a wonderful wit. :-)

  5. I like your blog...I am going to follow it..