Thursday, November 12, 2009

Would you still love me if...?

When my radio alarm went off this morning, the hosts were discussing what apparently everyone and their mother has heard about (except me, because as a California hippie, I don’t watch TV and therefore effectively sequester myself from the gossip line that is the news) – this man who had to have his entire face removed because of some bizarre nasal infection.

I vainly searched (for almost an entire minute) for the photo of the dude, but eh, you’ve probably all seen it anyway. Besides, it might look odd if my boss walked by and there was a picture of a faceless man on my monitor.

So anyway, these people are describing the horrors this man went through and I just have to ask the Unsupportive Louse: “Would you still love me if I had my nose and eyes and practically my whole face removed?”

Without a second’s hesitation (despite the fact that he was in the other room and hadn’t heard any of the radio discussion) he answers:

“Yes, but I’d sleep around.”


  1. He'd still love you, that's so sweet. And you call him unsupportive!

  2. I haven't heard of this... gross. Now I am off to google it.

  3. Apparently the story everybody knows about is the lady who was mutilated by a chimp and was on Oprah this week, I think the radio show started with that story and just took it from there. But you know, I got it kinda close.

  4. Ohhh, I heard about that lady... but seeing as "I'm a California hippie" too I don't get to see the news or hear the daily gossip that probes such hypothetical conversations with my spouse ;) (no not really, I'm just too cheap to pay for satellite tv)