Monday, November 23, 2009

A Love Letter

Dear Unsupportive Louse,

Despite our agreement that when I make dinner, you do the dishes, and when you make dinner, I do the dishes, throwing a frozen pizza in the oven on Sunday night when I'm not home and then not even saving any for me when you knew I was expecting dinner when I got home barely qualifies as making dinner at all, and it certainly doesn't mean I have to do the dishes that you've been avoiding for the last five days.

Love always,
Your pissed wife


  1. Thank you. If you don't mind, I am going to cut and paste it into an email to my wife and just change some words around.

  2. I say it's time for a little home grown ass kickin'. Let me come do it coz I am feeling real froggy

  3. The Unsupportive Louse feels that this blog may be slightly unflattering to his character.

    Therefore I would like to point out that he is an excellent father and devoted husband and is only occassionly quite so lazy. Your reputation has been saved, UL. You can thank me later.

  4. I can think of nothing else to say but WORD!!

  5. Hey.....sometimes that's the way we roll. (Men, I mean. We take advantage of contractual fine print).