Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I've realized that I'm a bit out of reality, I've accepted it (no cable, no newspaper, small child, etc.) Life goes on. But perhaps I had not realized how bad (good?) it had really gotten.

One day last week (oh, don't ask me wht day, hell, it could have been today for all I can remember) I was at work fooling around on Facebook (come on, you all know I'm addicted, let's not act shocked) and I see a friend's status update, (which is now just called a "What's on your mind" box, isn't it? Either way, us old addicts have yet to accept so many words into our vocabulary when status update worked so much better)...ANYWAY - the update simply said, "RIP MJ."

My first thought was "Oh God, did a friend die!!?" I have a problem with people I know dying - it's a problem I'm doing my best to solve... not the point. Point is I racked my brain forEVER trying to figure out a former classmate who might have had the initials MJ - or maybe they'd gotten married. What if I never figured it out and it was someone I was close with a million years ago?? Tick...tock...tick...tock... Oh! Michael Jackson? Did Micheal Jackson die? What?

I was dumb enough to pose this question out loud. My coworkers all collectively laughed at me. It was, by that time, very old news. (At LEAST 24 hours.)

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