Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 16...

Only two little ants in the kitchen this morning...I'm going to assume this is a good sign...I think. And I made it to work alive. Even braved riding my bike.

But today is the lab picnic. And the lab picnic happens to be in Dexter. Where my dad grew up. Where my dad is now buried. (We were living in California when he died.) How ironic would it be for my little evil fairy godmother to have me knocked off right next to his grave??

Or perhaps that's just too much coincidence.


  1. Is it okay to laugh at this post? Cause I find it funny. But is it not okay to laugh because your dad died (not why I'm laughing, tho) ?

  2. Oh no, it's supposed to be funny. Please laugh. (not funny that my dad died, clearly, but you gotta laugh about things eventually right??) =)