Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Know a Good Lawyer?

I have had my first official bike accident.

The good news - It wasn't July 16th.
I was riding on the sidewalk.
I hit them, they didn’t hit me.

The bad news – I hit a pedestrian.

It was totally her fault – she was one of those weavers; the ones who can’t decide which part of the sidewalk they really want to claim. I find these types tend to scare easily. Don’t ask me ask…stuck in their daydreams maybe? So I followed my normal protocol, and using my “indoor voice” I said “On your right.”

She responds not.

“On your right.”

She begins to veer to the right, completely unaware of me. Shit.

“ON YOUR RIGHT!” The distance between us becoming dangerously small, not leaving me enough time to change to an “on your left,” I felt the need to yell at her.

The dumbass jumped a mile as if there was no warning, no groaning rusty tires, no squeaking breaks, no previous mention of “on your right…”

Landing from her short flight, she threw herself to the right. Of course. And I mean THREW herself, clearly trying to avoid certain peril and instead throwing herself directly in it’s path – the path of my bike.

As I flew over my handlebars, the only thing I could think was whether one could be sued for hitting a pedestrian with their bike.

Yet the first words out of my mouth were: “That would be your right.”

Obviously I had a concussion. I would never say such a thing under normal circumstances. (I swear.)

As I then contemplated the bump on my head, the grass in my hair and the dirt in my pedals, it occurred to me that I had too much work to do to spend the day in the ER, and decided to go the way of Natasha Richardson*…which required me appearing sane, if only momentarily.

“Are you okay?” I was still staring at the sky, not having the energy to force my muscles upright again. But after a few minutes of addressing the sky with the reciprocated polite concern and personal bone palpation, I decided she was not the suing type. I road my bike on the street (almost) the rest of the way to work. I figured God couldn’t hate me enough to let me have two accidents in one day… Perhaps that was pushing it…but again, obviously I had a concussion.

*I know it's dumb to use a pop-culture reference in a blog, especially one that is ALREADY out dated, but whatever - so if you don't remember, she's the English actress, married to some other unknown European actor that fell and hit her head skiing, told the paramedics to shove it, and later died of a brain injury. Now you're all caught up.


  1. Is your bike ok?? I know bikes can be very pricey.

  2. Um, "I would never say such a thing under normal circumstances"? Dude, I read your blog. Haha!

  3. I'm fairly certain the cheaper the bike, the longer it will last, and if that IS the case, 'm certain I should have absolutely no worries about mine! (It was completely unharmed.)