Thursday, July 2, 2009

On Being a Blogging Celebrity

I have a new favorite blog of the month. (Don't worry, I have precisely six minutes to read blogs a month, so I may just not have gotten to yours...) But this blog is SO deserving of a link that I'm even willing to send all thirteen of my readers her direction, risking losing every single one of you. Besides my husband. Because he knows what's best for him. And really because he only graces my blog with his presence approximately once every three months, and at that point he may skim for content so he can "non-chalantly" bring it up, in exchange for praise and maybe a little extra play, so he most likely will never click the link to know a true blogging celebrity when he sees (reads?) one. I'm definitely only an 80s B-movie star in comparison. Though, having such a tough life as a blogging celebrity, I think perhaps I should cherish my non-existance while I still can.

=== The Jet Set: On Being a Blogging Celebrity

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