Friday, July 10, 2009

"You have 24 Friends in Common"

This blog was not originally supposed to be all about Facebook. I just want you to know that. But, as previously stated, I'm clearly addicted. And when you're not drinking, all you can think about is drinking.

So, recently I've been noticing that while I have an ever increasing number of friends, so do MY friends. And I happened to notice that my best friend from high school has 217 friends. Not surprising, really, just another way to avoid the real world (right, Dr. Jealous?).

Now here's what surprises me: we only have 26 friends in common. And for real, I spent half an hour perusing her friends. I maybe knew of 10 more of them. I sincerely don't know the other 181. That's a lifetime of friends I don't know.

Calmly, I reassure myself that we went to different colleges and now live in completely different states. We can't know every person the other person knows.

To reassure myself, I look at a good friend from high school who ALSO went to college with me. The bastard has 278 friends. 24 friends in common. What the fuck?? I thought we knew so much about each other! Not everything's been a long time, but really? 24 friends in common?

My sorority sisters, my absolute best friends from college whose friendships have extended into my "grown-up" life- 180, 20 in common; 264 - 21 in common, 239 - 19 in common (clearly there are about 20 of us sorority sisters on the site, huh?) then 547!!! 28 in common. Well at least I have more sorority sister friends than the rest of you losers!! But for real? Who even knows FIVE hundred people???

I must look at a page that makes me feel better. Uh, duh!? The Unsupportive Louse's page!! While I was pleasantly mollified to discover we had 77 similar friends (clearly, he must have only 80 friends total, right?) I was absolutely HORRIFIED to find he had more friends than me! 231 to my measly 222! And who the hell are these ONE HUNDRED FIFTY FOUR other people I DON'T KNOW ABOUT??

Who is Becky Jones who lives in Ann Arbor?? And Betsy Pickney who is a UM alum?? All these women who have been right here under my nose!! Abby Shaw and Amy Richards and Maureen and Natasha and Rachel and Lisa...oh, Lisa Appell. At least I know one of them actually DOES want my husband. Well, now, somehow, I feel better.

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  1. lol. I have a lot of "friends" because I play Mafia Wars and some of the other games on Facebook. I don't really know them, but we've joined forces in the games which make us stronger.

    HOLY CRAP. I sound like a total gaming nerd.
    I swear I don't play Dungeons & Dragons or freakish stuff like that. lol.