Sunday, June 28, 2009

Random Question 2 - FULL RESPONSE

I've recently updated my profile again, and updated the random question, because I'm sure you're getting bored of the old one after reading my profile SOO many times over and over again, right? And just like last time, it really takes much more space than you're allowed to get the full answer here it is, the full answer you've desperately been waiting for!

Sponges and tongues are frequently misspelled. Is it because both are thirsty?

Okay, tongues I understand, there’s that random u and it’s just not overly intuitive, but do people really misspell sponges? How do you spell it otherwise? Spounge? Spongue? Spunge? Hmm, now that I type it that way, it does look – well no, it still LOOKS wrong, but that’s probably just because I actually know how to spell, having passed fifth grade and all – but it looks like it would be sponge while sponge could look more like sponge (with a hard O). I can see it.

So now that we’ve got that part solved, what is this part about them being thirsty? Seriously, who do they pay to come up with these random questions? Because I feel they may possibly not have much intelligence but still get paid far more than I will ever make. Do you suppose that’s a good jumping board for a writer? I’m imagining my resume now, and the interviewer looking it over, “What is this about random question writer for”

How exactly does one explain that position? “Well, one of my most memorable random questions was relating to the common misspelling of the words sponge and tongue. I posed the question as to whether they’re thirsty and this is what causes the frequent mistakes.”

Blank stare. “As in, the words themselves are thirsty?”

“Yes, precisely.”
Interviewer clears throat, straightens paper edges on the table a few times, looks at the remainder of the resume… “Yes, well thank you for coming in today. We’ll…ah…we’ll be in touch, I suppose.”

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