Monday, June 1, 2009


I have to defend my dear friend Facebook. It's not that I don't believe Facebook Addiction exists because, well, I may be an addict, but I'm not in denial. I mean, I checked my Facebook account for the 75th time (at work, of course) today, and was actually UPSET that nothing had changed. Oh, it exists. It's just this crazy psychologist chick is just wrong. She clearly has no Facebook friends. She's clearly jealous of my 209 (and counting) friends.

She thinks it's because it's not reality? Because we don't get the bad with the good? Because we don't get morning breath? Well, here's reality for you -I cover my husband's head with a pillow every morning so I don't have to smell the morning breath. I can avoid that shit in "real life" if I want to, just the same as I could on Facebook. But here's the thing, I don't. No one does. Except maybe this jealous psycologist chick.

I learned about my friends divorce on Facebook. I helped someone through what may have been a suicide threat on Facebook. From 2000 miles away. I was told about the death of a friends' child on Facebook. I've comforted countless friends through countless break-ups, on Facebook. I've virtually hugged friends who were just having a bad day and I've virtually supported friends through layoffs and short sales and just tough times. Support I gaurantee you they otherwise wouldn't be getting (I mean, come on, I've got two year old; I'm lucky if I get a shower, much less a chance to talk on the phone to an old friend, certainly never to visit them!!)

And let's talk about this "if you're avoiding work by checking Facebook" crap. COME ON. How many of you are avoiding work by getting coffee, gossiping, checking your e-mail, checking this fricking blog? It's just one of the MANY procrastination techniques. Half of us would be reading a book or watching a TV show if we could get away with it. But that's just the point - we can get away with Facebook! Now I'm not saying the crazy chick who was avoiding her kids doesn't need help, she clearly does, but as for the rest of us...just join up Jealous Psychologist lady, find some old friends, and get over yourself.

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  1. I agree! I've learned so much REAL LIFE news about people through facebook that I would never know otherwise! And plenty of it isn't beautiful and perfect. Silly jealous psychologist lady!