Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How bad does that hurt?

The Energizer Bunny is at a fantastic age where he likes to go over events, telling it different ways, asking questions, figuring out if he really got the whole story.

So here's the whole story - last weekend I slammed my finger in the car door. It blew.

But it seems the Energizer Bunny's may have gotten slightly more education from the incident -

"Your finger hurts Momma?"

"That's right, kiddo, my finger hurts."

"Your THUMB hurts Momma?"

"Yup, it's my thumb that hurts."

"You closed your thumb in the door?"

"That's right, I closed my thumb in the car door. Silly, huh?"

"That was silly, Momma." Insert fake laugh. "It hurt your thumb, Momma?"

"Yes, it hurt my thumb very badly."

"It hurt a lot?"

"Yep, it hurts a lot."

"It hurt like a bitch, Momma?"

Damn it, I don't even remember saying that.