Friday, January 29, 2010

Fabulous Fitness Fridays

This week’s tip stems from my wonderful illness last week as well, and therefore I'm sure you will all appreciate it.

Milkshakes are a great way to get ice cream in your stomach in case of bouts of puke) which I did use while actually sick, but then of course, there was a lot of leftover ice cream, which SOMEONE had to eat, so I continued to make a few more milkshakes…

And I discovered that if you drink the milkshake through a straw rather than eating it with a spoon or drinking it out of the side of the glass, it takes longer to finish and you feel more full afterwards.

It’s also helpful to throw some mashed fruit in there, as chunks will likely get stuck in the straw, making it take even longer to finish and of course, making it a tiny bit healthier. (Every little bit counts, right?)


  1. First time here and I love your layout! Got here from the beloved Chief's blog...

  2. Glad to hear you're feeling better. In my book, you never need an excuse for ice cream, just being is enough.