Friday, June 18, 2010

Mexican Mishap #3 - Beach Acrobatics

Energizer Bunny, the Unsupportive Louse and I are busily making a fortress of sand castles when construction on my left abruptly stops. I scan the beach to see the cause of the delay (while the Energizer Bunny takes this interruption in supervision to destroy the entire aforementioned fortress.) My eyes flow past dark tans on toned bodies, string bikinis, silicon boobs - these things are just too commonplace in our beautiful resort town for even the Unsupportive Louse to stop filling a sand bucket.

And then I see them. Three extremely athletic, extremely shapely, extremely beautiful, extremely tanned, extremely young, extremely blond women. In bikinis. On the ocean's wave line. Doing back-flips. No joke. Back flips.

The Unsupportive Louse begins, "If they can do the splits..."

I quickly admonish him - "You have a CHILD on the way, don't even finish that THOUGHT." (as if it would make a difference)

He simply smiles the smile of the Cheshire cat. "If they can do the splits, I might have several children on the way."

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