Monday, December 21, 2009

Selective Memory

Two recent conversations regarding California friends we may see over the holidays I’ve had with the Unsupportive Louse


Do you remember Andrea?”


She came to your parent’s party, she’s tall, thin –“

Is she the sorority one?”

No, from high school – she was my best friend, remember? She gave us the bed set for Energizer Bunny?”


Short brown hair? We went to her wedding? Her husband was Connor? They just got divorced?”

Oh…oh…uh…yeah, I remember…I think.”


Do you remember Daphne, my—“


What? Are you sure?”


Maybe you’re thinking of someone else, I think you’ve only met her once.”

Nope, I’m sure – short girl, long black hair, right?”

Uh…yeah. Really? That was like 3 years ago.”

Yeah, she was wearing a red shirt and a black skirt.”

I stare incredulously.

The shirt was low cut. She has huge boobs and was showing massive cleavage, what do you expect?”

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