Wednesday, December 2, 2009

And they say E-mail Can't Convey Emotions!

The Walking Guilt Trip tells me the other day that old family friends of ours (who moved to Georgia long before I even moved to San Diego for only my second of five very different lives I’ve led…) will be in San Francisco at the same time I will be in Northern California (ie Christmastime)

My first thought was, “Great…and why do I care?” This I stated, in somewhat less rude terms.

It finally comes out that perhaps they would like to see The Energizer Bunny. This I understand.

So I e-mail her today, telling her I’m planning out the billion different little meetings I have to shove into a 6 day period during which we also have Christmas, Christmas Eve, 2 separate extended family gatherings and friends from both my and the Unsupportive Louse’s childhood to see, and wanted to know more information about this trip these old folks I haven’t seen or talked to since I was a teenager are planning – when will they be there, are they renting a car, where will they be staying, yada yada yada. Here is my mother’s full response:

*** and I do not know exactly when they plan to be in SF

Full. Response.

I love my mother.


  1. Just wait in the airport; they will show up eventually.

  2. dear god..amen. good luck to you as your eyes roll into the back of your skull penney