Thursday, December 10, 2009

Energizer Psychopath

I may be raising a psychopath.

We’re driving down the road to the store and the little Energizer Bunny is in his carseat, “Look, Momma, blue car.”

Follow blue car, Momma.”

Okay, I’ll follow the blue car, kiddo.”

Momma following blue car.”

“Truck, Momma! Like Daddy’s truck, Momma!”

You’re right, it IS just like Daddy’s truck.”

Siiilver truck” (silver is a hard word)

Red light, Momma! Red light, stop!”

Yep, I’m stopping, kiddo.”

Green light, Go!”

A lull of an entire twenty seconds, towards the end of which I was starting to stare at him in the mirror to make sure that he was indeed still breathing. And then…


Yes, baby?” (Just because he speaks in full paragraph form does not mean I have to stop calling him baby.)

Wanna run someone over, Momma.”


  1. At least he doen't try to put gum in your hair from the back seat:

  2. So.....did you do it? (Run over someone). You wouldn't want to suppress his creativity.