Friday, October 30, 2009

Fabulous Fitness Fridays, Tip #6

Stop drinking soda/pop/soda pop/coke/whatever you call it. For real. The NYPD uses Coke to disintegrate blood from the street. You want to put that crap directly into your stomach? It eats through blood, people! It's terrible for you!

I just don't keep soda in the house. (Though this also may have to do with the rather tight grocery budget...) Either way, the Energizer Bunny knows what "al-kee-hul" is, but not soda. And no, that doesn't say anything about my parenting skills, so stop thinking it!

(Oh, and don't just buy bottled water instead. Save the money and the earth, use your damn tap, people survived for thousands of years drinking straight from the ground, you'll survive drinking from your tap.)


  1. I agree about bottled water, what a joke. And water stored in plastic bottles is not safe, IMO.

  2. this reeks of liberalism.

    I can't be your friend anymore.


    I drink bottled water. if you saw what comes out of my and Al Gore would do the same.

    I cut way back on coke but I still drink it to help break down the tons of red meat in my stomach. It's homeopathic ~double wink~

  3. .oO(I always feel guilty after your Friday tip)