Monday, March 22, 2010

True Story

The Energizer Bunny, like all good two-year olds, is becoming quite adept at story-telling. He is telling stories - some true stories and some that he makes up - usually mildly clever but highly endearing. The problem is that he really can't tell you which ones are ACTUALLY true. He really believes if he's told the story, it's REAL. And real in his mind, is the same as true. That just seemed cute to me. Except...

While I was washing dishes in the kitchen, the Energizer Bunny was talking to his trains (Thomas and Duncan, they're his favorites).

"One time, Momma and me went sleddin' on the big purple sled, and Momma pushed me down the green driveway 'stead of the white snow, and I goed into the street and got hit by a car!"

Dear Lord, my child is telling people I pushed him in front of a moving vehicle!


  1. That IS an endearing story!

    LOL! Just teasing. :)

  2. Kids will do that and then they wonder why mommy was taken away by the nice policeman. :)

  3. My four year old granddaughter likes point out pretend spiders to get someone to stomp on it. I made the mistake of telling her it was running up her leg. She cried and Grandma punched me.

    Stupid spider!