Saturday, February 27, 2010

Abandoned Blog

Obnoxious Teenager Blogreader #1: Dude, does anyone even live here? I swear I haven't seen movement in like...weeks.

Obnoxious Teenager Blogreader #2: No, man, I think the place is abandoned.

Obnoxious Teenager Blogreader #1: Really? You think?

Obnoxious Teenager Blogreader #2: Betcha anything. Watch this. (Proceeds to throw stones at computer screen.)

Friendly Neighborhood Blogger: Hey, you kids leave that poor blog alone!

Obnoxious Teenage Blogreaders log off for their lives.

Jokes on you, kids, I couldn't see any cracks on this screen through the fingerprint smudge and grime of the Energizer Bunny even if it WEREN'T plastic and shatter proof.

Understanding has occurred to me why there aren't all that many single parent bloggers in the blogosphere. It's because they're too f*ing tired!! (All single parents should feel free to brag about yourselves if you even have time to read this...)


  1. I bet it'd be exhausting! Goodness. I took my niece and nephew to the store one day by myself, and it was EXHAUSTING. I couldn't imagine doing it all day, every day.

  2. Not a single parent but the hubster works so much that sometimes I do feel like one. And my blog is most certainly neglected regularly due to my inability to properly juggle my life.