Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Parenting Tips

The other day, I walked into the ever-classy establishment commonly known as “Dennys”. I looked to my right seeing the non-smoking section full of families. Looking to my left, I saw the smoking section. Ah yes, we must love the glorious mid-west, the last place in the world to retain a smoking section in restaurants. My hippie California mind cannot even begin to contemplate it’s necessity. But now as I look at the smoking section, I see…families?

I check my memory, turning my head back to what I recalled was the non-smoking section. There indeed were families. There were families in both the smoking and non-smoking sections. It’s one thing to HAVE a smoking section in a family restaurant…it’s something else altogether to seat your small children in the smoking section.

Refusing to further allow my mind to dwell upon these atrocities, I seated myself in the non-smoking section, placed my order, and sat back to enjoy. I didn’t have to wait long before I saw one of the mothers from the smoking section bring over a large glass of soda, and ask a waiter for a smaller glass. She poured the soda into the small glass, grabbed a straw and in one fluid motion stuck the straw in the glass and straight into her toddler’s mouth. He greedily glugged down none other than America’s favorite, Coca Cola.

Sugar, caffeine, high-fructose corn syrup, calories. What to worry about? Perhaps the acidity strong enough to be mandated as a cleaner New York city cops...used to dissolve blood off concrete. Just a thought.

The mother gave her child the glass to hold…the GLASS glass. A 3-year old child holding a glass of Coke heading back toward his seat in the smoking section.

I have no further comment.

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  1. LOL! Nothing like a little cigarette smoke to go with your pancakes, right?