Friday, March 6, 2009

Pregnant? Free Unsolicited Advice, step right up!

So I, of course despite all refusals to believe I would ever be one of these people, have the desperate need to give completely unsolicited advice to all persons pregnant.

It must be a hormone thing. You have a child and suddenly a hormone kicks in that causes a voice in your head to insist that you DO know everything about having a child and everyone who doesn't know everything DOES need to hear you...

Who else in their right mind would see a random person on the street and think, this person needs my knowledge. But NOT ONLY do we mothers think this, we act on this compulsion. We tell this random stranger who we assume based soley on appearance is pregnant all about OUR pregnancy and OUR labor and OUR children and OUR hopes and dreams AND all our friends pregnancies and labors and hopes and dreams and good lord!

So anyway, I'm trying to smack down that voice just a little bit and instead ask friends if there's anything they'd actually like me to blabber on and on about for hours and hours. I CAN control my hormones. I CAN control the voices in my head!'re not pregnant, are you?

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