Thursday, May 5, 2011

Number One Reason Why I'm Too Tired To Post A Blog This Week

I have a baby. 

Do I really have to say any more? 

Really, yes, I do.  I always need to say more, otherwise this whole blog thing wouldn't be nearly as entertaining.  When the whole blog thing actually happens, that is.  And for as often as that is these days, it'd better be damned entertaining.  So, yes, I will say more. 

I have a baby.  And that baby is the sweetest, most darling little creature I've ever set my eyes on.  Even at 1am.  And 2:15.  And 3:07.  And 4:23.  And 5:19am.  Of the same night.  By 6:34 she may have moved to second place.  But probably not.  Because she really just is friggin' adorable. 

Especially when *I* am the only thing she really wants. And I know I'm the only thing she wants because I've begun abandonning her EVERY DAY to the EVILS that are DAYCARE so I can go do something completely unexplanable and unimportant to a tiny precious baby like her. 

Guilt has taken me a long way in life...but I confess this is the best guilt trip I've ever gotten.  If only cuteness came caffeinated. 

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