Friday, May 21, 2010

"Study Break"

Here's the truth, people - I went to a nerdy college. It's true, I did. I'd apologize for possibly offending all those who went to the same nerdy college as me, but the fact is, if you went to UCSD, you're most likely not denying it, you're solemnly nodding your head. If you ARE denying the nerd-dom that dwells're a nerd in denial.

That being said if at any time in our school schedule, whether it be the first day of classes or the day before finals, if we had a scheduled "Study Break," even 5 minutes, we would have used it Yup, told you, nerd school.

In my current cute little midwestern college town, they have an ENTIRE WEEK before finals which is devoted to "studying." A week off of classes. A week to prepare for the grueling tests that are rumored to be open note, are definitely all multiple choice, and are scheduled for one THIRD the time ours were.

And what do the brilliant U of M college students do during this "Study Break?"

Drink, of course.

Other than football Saturdays there isn't any other time the streets are so littered with red dixie cups, crushed beer cans or empty liquor bottles.

Which I've grown used to. It IS the beginning of Spring after all, since they also end their term well over a month before we did... and while we nerdy little San Diegans could lay out all year round, these poor kids are trapped inside their well-heated dorms all winter long with no reprieve - it's time to get OUT, time to PARTY.

So fine, I maneuver my bike around the glass shards and puke piles and cowboy golf racks and bean bag toss boards with no longer even a second glance. But this...this made me pause:

I cannot begin to imagine a study break drinking game that involves a beer bottle graveyard, metal spikes and a broken vacuum cleaner.
Seriously, we weren't THAT nerdy that I can't even IMAGINE a cool drinking game out of this...were we?


  1. maybe it's not a graveyard; maybe it is a beer-bottle-flower-garden. It's spring! Beer bottles are popping up like daisies!

  2. I took a few classes at UCSD (Go Tritons) and for the life of me I can't come up with anything witty to say about the photo. I'm going to drink a six pack and get out my vacuum and see if that works.

  3. So awesome. I don't know what the game was but I sure want to learn it.