Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's Okay, You Can Have my Autograph

Dude, I'm famous! Some very important bloggers made up very important awards and I have been nominated. Obviously I am famous. Not only that, I've been nominated for TWO blogging awards!! Take that, Unsupportive Louse, this blogging crap *isn't* just a waste of time! HA!!
Good thing too, 'cause I apparently am trying really hard to get myself fired this morning, so maybe I can use this whole famous thing to make a buck. Or two. I don't know, but I needed the pick-me-up, so thank you very important bloggers for making up very important awards.
To keep you in desperate suspense, as any good writer is prone to do, I will only address one of the awards now. (And well, I am at know, the "real" job..., and did already get a good flogging this morning, I'm not sure how much more I can really handle, so it might be prudent to stick to one for the moment...)

Ok, because knows I'm having a crappy day, it has decided not to let me put the little award picture down here. It has decided it will stay at the top of the blog. So whatever. It'll stay at the top. See if I care.
Now, for my tasks.

1- Thank the person who nominated you. check. You can thank him too, if you'd like, for making your favorite blogger famous and possibly, even you, by association of course.

2- Copy the logo and paste it in your blog. Uh done, but not here, cause life sucks at me. (I don't suck at life, I swear, it just sucks at me)

3- Link to the person who nominated you for this award. Rick at The Daley Rant was crazy enough to nominate me. He also has a cool query letter blog for any aspiring writers out there (and really, aren't we all?)
4- Name seven things about yourself that people might find interesting.
4.1- I haven't eaten lunch yet, but I HAVE eaten two gi-normous cookies. (Despite the fact that I cannot help myself but to eat any and all sugary products placed vageuly near me, I am not yet ginormous myself. I'm trying to stave it off with running and biking...but give it 15 years, I'm still young.)
4.2 - I have insomnia. I blame this on actually being a REAL night person (which is wholly different from you people who *think* you're night people...) who goes to bed early only because I have to get up early. If it were up to me, I'd stay up until 4 every morning and not get up until 11 or 12. Hence, going to be at 10:30 is very difficult for me.
4.3 - I'm addicted to Facebook. Like, for real. I may have checked it three times while writing this blog. So far.
4.4 - Last week I was told by a high school friend on Facebook that I looked like I was still in high school and I'm still giddy about it.
4.5 - When I was little, I wanted to be a psychiatrist, an artist, an author, a teacher and a scientist. All at the same time. I was sure I could swing it. (Science teacher who does a few real experiments on the side, draws while the students are working, writes at night and sees patients on weekends. Duh. And I didn't just make that up now, I really thought it through back then.)
4.6 - I had my whole life planned when I was little, down to marrying someone with the last name West (at age 23, of course) so that I didn't have to change my name or choose my real last name over my step-father's last name (as a middle name) which I knew would upset him. I hate to upset people. My first college boyfriend's last name was West. When I discovered this (on our third date, whatever, it's not like it was a one-night stand, I just didn't know his last name, all right? Get over it.) anyway, when I discovered it, I was sure it was either a sign I should marry him instantly or get the hell out of town as quickly as I could. (In the end, I did neither.)
4.7 - I'm still that insane.
5. Nominate seven "Kreativ" bloggers.
6. Post links to said Kreativ bloggers.
I'm just gonna combine 5 and 6, cause I think they're only split up so previously mentionned Very Important Blogger could have seven rules.
5/6.1 Chief
5/6.2 Azucar (sorry, don't know how to get the accent on the u...)
5/6.3 Kel
5/6.4 Amy
5/6.5 Backpacking Dad (I don't know his name)
5/6.6 Different Girl (also don't know her name)
5/6.7 Kate
7. Comment on Kreativ bloggers blogs so they know they've been nominated.
While I'd prefer for them to have to return to my blog and read it to find out that they've been nominated to be as cool as me, I'll do this, since it's a rule. And I'd hate to break a rule. It might upset someone.
By the way, I spent way more time deciding which 7 to use for this award and which 5 to use for the other award, considering they're Very Important Awards *made up* by Very Important Bloggers.
And, with that in mind, I would like to post a link to a very, very profound comment.


  1. Congrats! It had to be a brilliant person to spot a talent such as yours.

  2. My first freakin Award! I just pooed my pants! Thanks. Clean out the guest bedroom, I am moving in!

  3. I'm totally framing your autograph.

  4. Kool! Thanks for kalling me kreativ! I'm going to use this kreativity to spell all works that start with the hard C sound with a K. 'kause that's just kool!


  5. That's awesome. Thank you. I just wish FADKOG hadn't stolen my "spell everything with K" joke. She's always quicker than me.