Monday, May 18, 2009

Fuck-me Eyes

I was a sorority girl in college. (I can actually hear my mother chiding me right now - I should say I'm in a sorority now, once a sorority girl always a sorority girl...but working on a college campus I reguarly get mistaken for a college student - and therefore assumed to be immature, disrespectful and worthless for anything but tuition by all non-undergrad students in Ann Arbor, and saying you're a sorority girl does not help this image.) Having been a sorority girl, I know what "the eye" looks like. After all, I gave it hourly at the very least. In fact, one of my many sorority knick-names was "Fuck me Eyes." Uhh...for the eyes part only, of course.

Riding in to work on my bike this morning I a wildly unusual amount of the previously stated "eye." I was a bit later than usual and debated for awhile whether there were just more people out in general? Maybe it was the beginning of new term and there were different people out? Maybe it was all in my head? But no, no, it was most decidedly not in my head. Tons of guys, HOT guys, hot college-aged guys no less, were looking me up and down. Fake-tanned, bottle-blonde girls were checking me out. I was wearing sneakers, jeans, a sweatshirt and a really sexy bike helmet; I'm not sure why anyone would give me a second glance while I'm racing towards them yelling "On your left!" and rolling my eyes continuously, and though occasionally it does happen, this was abnormal. Extremely.

I realized when I got to work that I was wearing my sorority sweatshirt. Go Sigma Kappa! =)


  1. Penney--I DO remember your pretty eyes!! And the fact that it could get us some free drinks from frat guys!!! It wasn't just your sweatshirt that was making the boys look--it was the fact that you're HOT! =)

    And yes, I get to stay home long term.

  2. haha this is AWESOME. and i totally feel your pain - working on a college campus, i frequently get mistaken for a student. it's pretty flattering though!