Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Winter HAS to be Over!

I’ve been packing up winter clothing, since Spring has seemingly settled in to stay, and began collecting my gloves from jacket pockets, purses and backpacks, under the shoe rack, inside beanies and fluffy winter hats. While compiling, I began to believe I had perhaps lost a few… I made a massive pile of the winter accessories and tried to pair them all off.

It seems that this winter was indeed a tough one on gloves. It’s the first year I’ve had a person in the house who was more interested in my gloves than his own gloves, or his toys, or his breakfast, or his boots, or…well, no, certainly not basketball, that would just be crazy! Nonetheless, I would like to blame the small child for the resulting list.

I ended up with:
four completely mismatching black knit gloves (I’m fairly certain I’ve never bought four pairs of black knit gloves, which makes me wonder where exactly all of these came from…), AND three of them have holes in the tip of the pointer finger (apparently I need to cut the nail on my pointer fingers more often?), and one of those even has another hole in the middle finger;

one red knit glove, and one pink knit glove that I’ve decided could really have been red at one time and just faded in the…oh, say three hundred wash cycles it must have gone through to become this…well, bright is the only real word for it…pink. Perhaps it was stuck in one of the twirly-thingies in the washer all winter long?

two light tan felt gloves, one with a hole in the side where I ripped out a very annoying tag;

one dark brown Isotoner glove (this is my first year having Isotoners, having inherited them from my great-Aunt, who apparently felt the need to stockpile fully packaged expensive gloves, and I must say, I was rather disappointed in them. I expected to have the warmth and elegance. Instead, I had the elegance, but I swear the second I put them on they immediately detracted ten degrees from my fingers. I’m not entirely sure how this is possible, but it happened every time! And they never seemed to warm up either. Sure, my fingers were probably warmer than if I’d had no gloves at all, but they certainly weren’t toasty.);

one hideously ugly, gold, insulated Isotoner glove (or, I suppose I should say THINsulatedTM, very warm and indeed, very thin! But now there’s only one…);

two knit green gloves that I wore once all winter long, (because what do you wear green gloves with? And they’re not very warm anyway…plus they’re more a little itchy);

one fully insulted ski glove, (I’m not sure where the other one of these went – they were in my car to use while scraping ice and snow off the car, and were there the last time I needed them, but now, one’s missing. I looked under the seats, in the seat-back-pocket, in the trunk…it’s just not there. Perhaps it’s gone into hibernation for the summer);

two very white felt gloves that I wore all of twice…because…well, they’re white. And I only braved wearing my fancy white coat twice, with which I felt it allowable and practically necessary to wear the white gloves. One has black spots on the fingertips, but I like to think they’re still pristine. Chances are, however, I won’t be wearing them every day next year either.
I have remnants of twelve, count them, TWELVE pairs of gloves, yet not a single working pair to save for next year. Awesome.

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