Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Non-Existant Publicist

My non-existant publicist told me the best way to get published was to be published.

My non-existant publicist is brilliant. I don't exactly have a printing press in my basement, after all. My non-existant publisher then told me to take my head out of my ass and look at the world around me. Who needs a printing press? Who needs books? We've got the internet! Self-publish! It's the new rage! Everybody's doing it!

And what better way to self-publish than the same way thousands upon thousands of would-be authors are already becoming famous? Blogging! Unimportant topics deemed important by self-righteous bloggers solely because they've been blogged about. Now that I can do. I give all credit to my non-existant publicist for the following blogs.

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