Monday, April 12, 2010

Unsupportive Louse, PhD

The Unsupportive Louse graduated!!! He is now to be known to all those who know him (or perhaps just those who care) as: Unsupportive Louse, PhD.

Of course, for his thesis defense, the Pills came to visit. (Did you really think I'd write an ENTIRE blog about something GOOD the Unsupportive Louse did???)

Please remember that I do love my in-laws even if, by some odd quirk of words, they are at times portrayed somewhat less than fantastically in this silly little blog of mine. And it IS true. Even if I am just saying it because there may be a chance that they’ve discovered this piece of my personality and may or may not stop by someday and may or may not read this very blog.

My favorite Female Pill moment of the week –

The Female Pill is in MY kitchen cooking (all sorts of implications of it’s own…but we’ll ignore those for the moment) – the Unsupportive Louse, the Male Pill and I are sitting in the living room, the Energizer Bunny is napping.

Let me remind you of a few things –
1. it’s MY kitchen
2. it’s OUR house
3. we’re ALL in the living room
4. the Male Pill does not cook

From the kitchen, the Female Pill calls out,

Hey, Male Pill, I don’t remember how to turn this oven on, do you remember?”

(P.S. – you turn the knob, just like any other oven…)


  1. Congrats on no longer being a single parent. Unless of course new educatedness requires him to work long exhausting hours in which case you will be still.

  2. Congratulations, Unsupportive Louse, PhD!